Monday, December 31, 2007

New year resolutions: 2008

I resolve that 2008 will be a a momentous year for my relationship with Venice. Here are my goals in a nutshell:
  1. Publish a book entitled "Venice 1.0" containing chapters written by VPC students (wiki)
  2. Publish a book entitled "Venice 2.0" containing my thoughts about the future of Venice as a microcosm of other cities
  3. Create the "Venice 3.0" foundation to provide scholarships for WPI students coming to Venice and for Venetian students to attend WPI
  4. Organize a "Venice Mashup Camp" for the fall
  5. Publish a massive 1.0 website showcasing all of our data
  6. Publish a sophisticated web 2.0 site to take our data to a new, interactive level
  7. Experiment with autonomous agents to showcase the potential for web 3.0 applications
  8. Publish papers about all this
  9. Get grants to support all this
  10. Start PreserVenice to restore Venetian Public Art and publish relevant related materials

Plus, I will also stop smoking Moods...

The 20th anniversary of the Venice Project Center

I created the Venice Project Center in 1988. The first group of 6 students spent two months there in October-December of that year. So, in the late fall of 2008 the center will be 20 years old.