Sunday, March 2, 2008

Everyblock Venice

One of the various threads that I am following up on is the possibility of having take on Venice, after they're done with Chicago, San Francisco and the other 3 cities they are supposed to complete as part of a multimillion dollar grant from the Knight foundation (of Knight Ridder fame). It's not surprising that the Knight foundation, historically associated with journalism, would sponsor everyblock, since this outfit is the brainchild of journalist-turned-mashup-prophet Adrian Holovaty, who became an instant celebrity in the 2.0 world because of his chicagocrime mashup (now replaced by an updated everyblock page). I met Daniel X. O'Neil (I love the X) in Boston, where he was discussing the possibility of bringing Everyblock to Boston with City officials with whom I have been collaborating in my capacity as the WPI Boston Project Center director. Daniel is the "people person" in the Everyblock triumvirate, so we had lunch and discussed how cool it would be to have a "newsfeed for your block" in the city of canals... It would mesh well with the Mashup Camp.
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