Thursday, May 29, 2008

Martyan Latitudes

Do you know anyone who has a specific favorite latitude... on Mars? I do. His name is Marty Quinn. His favorite latitude is more or less where the Phoenix probe has recently landed. He has turned martian data recordings into music, which explains why he likes the arctic latitudes on Mars... Marty spent a whole day at our house today and wowed Jackie and me with his latest artistic productions: from an operatic rendition of the Tides of Venice, to mind-blowing gradient photomashups, to interactive, motion-tracking sonification of space images. We talked about all of the possible ways that we could collaborate for the anniversary: (1) Tides of Venice; (2) Multispectral Cube of Venice (PreserVenice), etc. For the occasion, I revived the Sonification Requiem wiki and updated it with the latest ideas and plans. More to come.
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