Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Postmortems mortem?

Today, Prof. Fred Bianchi and I had the first meeting with our single-student team (Brendan) at the start of what is supposed to be the last term of his work on the Postmodern Postmortem installations. This may be the last term of active progress on this front, unless the Being Young in Venice team decides to pick up the baton and carry it to Venice... After meeting with one of the more creative recent alumni of the VPC, Jonathan Bahlatzis, I am thinking that we should open up the process so that we can breathe some new energy into this very challenging and creative long-term project. The trick is: how do we keep these installations secret and yet open them up to a broader group of participants? Also, how do we really get connected with the Santa Fe Complex? We have to give this some thought, or else the postmortems may be dead in the water (of Venice's canals).

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