Thursday, June 4, 2009

The shroud of Turing

During dr. Woohoo's visit, we had a chance to visit MIT's CSAIL (Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Lab) with Dan Paluska.  After getting lost in the labyrinthine halls of the Stata Center, the iconic Frank Gehry masterpiece of seemingly crumbling and collapsing metal and brick, we were treated to a live demonstration of the creation of a Jesus toaster insert with a somewhat dated, but still fascinating waterjet cutter.

The whimsical creation that results from the metal cutter produces a realistic replica of the shroud of Turin very similar to the one that has been inexplicably emerging since 2005 from the holy toaster now worshipped by millions.
As boranj as this is, I think it would still make Alan proud to discover the miraculous ramifications of his theories.  Father Guido would see this as yet another example of how easy it is to be sanctified in this country.
Speaking of Saints, wait till you see our Venice 2.0 response to this holy effigy... so fine!  Just wait!
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