Wednesday, June 4, 2008


OK. Here is the latest tally. Since 1988, a total of 446 WPI students completed 124 Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQP) at the Venice Project Center. Our Alumni Office was able to extract contact information for 344 of these Venice alumns. Only four of these records are missing all contact information. For everyone else, we either have an email address (232) or a postal address (108). Of the 102 students who did not make it into the initial list of 344 (out of 446), there are at least 22 who have yet to graduate (venice-b07). Our colleagues at the alumni office are going to provide us whatever contact information they may have for the 80 or so alumni who are still m.i.a. When we get the second data dump, we'll probably have about 300 email addresses and we'll still have to send out about 150 letters by regular snail mail. We will track down the dozen or so Major Qualifying Project (MQP) students who also spent a term in Venice, so we'll have over 460 alumni to invite to our Venice 2.0 extravaganza ... stay tuned.
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