Thursday, June 26, 2008

London Calling

Today was the last day of the summer term at the London Project Center. In March and April, I was the instructor for the preparation course for the teams that were in London in May and June this year, because I was originally slated to be the on-site advisor there. Alas, I had to forfeit this opportunity, but I am very happy to report that all teams fared well, and in particular the Merton team was a huge success, capping three consecutive projects that pushed the concept of City Knowledge all the way to final implementation in the London Borough of Merton. As reported widely in the British press (H&V news,,, Green Building, etc.), the WPI team, under the guidance of Adrian Hewitt, successfully demonstrated a real-time geospatial web system that allows government agencies to monitor the application of the so-called "Merton Rule", which is a very important (albeit threatened) tool for the UK's struggle to meet its own Carbon emission targets.
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