Friday, August 15, 2008

Anniversary Projects

Today is Ferragosto, a major Italian holiday and one of the least religious (even though it coincides with the Feast of the Assumption). I shouldn't be working, but the new academic year is just around the corner and there are only a couple of weeks of vacation left before the preparation term starts on August 28. The projects for the anniversary term in Venice in the fall of 2008 are taking shape. Here's a quick list:
  1. The origins of Venice (DNA, Archeology, Genesis of Forma Urbis)
  2. Living in Venice (socio-economic issues: housing, retail, cost of living, everyblock)
  3. Being Young in Venice (Santa Ve, Postmodern Postmortems, URG, PMOG, Giovani Veneziani)
  4. Getting old in Venice (demographics, affordability, epidemiology, mobility, healthcare)
  5. Moving around Venice (Water Transportation and Pedestrian modelling, Redfish)
  6. Visiting Venice (tourism, student guidebook, reviews, blogs, RSS, ratings, etc.)
  7. Preserving Venice (UNESCO Restorations, Preservenice, Public Art, Church floors and belltowers)

I will blog about each of the above projects in the days to come, so stay tuned...

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