Friday, August 22, 2008

Santa Fe interlude

Today I'm off to Santa Fe just before WPI starts up again. We're moving forward with the "experiment". As I indicated in a previous post, I'll be discussing the "bootstrap" project we're planning to conduct there in the spring, as well as the two projects in Venice that I hope will benefit from a connection to Redfish and the Santa Fe Complex. One important meeting will be with Irene Lee of the Santa Fe Institute, with whom I'd like to apply for grants to support the WPI Santa Fe Project Center. This time I also hope to meet George Cowan, the WPI alumnus who was the founder of SFI. Moreover, I also plan to meet with Marko at Knowledge Reef, to discuss our Dspace progress and our planned collaboration on the semantic web. There will be many other serendipitous meetings as well, which I will blog about as I go.

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