Monday, November 17, 2008

Joy ning our Alumni network

I am penning this blog entry to announce that yet another meaningful piece of our anniversary puzzle has fallen into place this morning. Thanks to the planning and honing efforts of Hamlet Nina and the omnipresent Kyle Miller, we have created a fully functioning social network that we hope will be brightening the days (and evenings) for all our Venice Project Center alumni. We have been running tests and feel confident that it is quite cunning as a beginning point. It may need some fine tuning, but we're turning it over to our 500-strong alumni for a final shakedown. Instead of phoning each other, screening your emails or yearning to discover one of your fellow Venetians on facebook, you can now start tuning into your Venice pals directly from here by joining one of the groups on our VPC Alumni site. A word of warning: while you won't need any training to use the site, there are probably several things that could use some straightening up, so please feel free to roll up your sleeves and help us make it into a stunning gathering place where we can keep in touch throughout this anniversary year.
All that's left for you to do is signing up... See you on our ning!