Saturday, November 1, 2008

New face for Dspace

Many thanks are due to Ilan Shomorony for getting Dspace up and running, and for fully populating our Venice Open Archive Digital Repository with all of the Venice Project Center reports (IQPs - Interactive Qualifying Projects).  His latest feat has been the redesign of the user interface using Manakin so that the site looks and feels like all our other web pages (thanks to the recurrence of the Venice silouette theme).  The site is fully searchable and project titles, authors and abstracts are already publically available. This week, we will manually attach the actual reports, powerpoints and data files to each project entry, so that the entire collection of projects (currently on a web 1.0 page) will be reachable through Dspace.  In parallel, we are figuring out how to incoroporate Dspace's RSS feeds into Word Press, so we can automatically populate our Venice2point0 web site.  Meanwhile, we are also coordinating with our friend Marko Rodriguez in Santa Fe, so that Knowledge Reef can begin to read in our metadata using the Open Archive Initiative's Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) so users can search our linked data in true 2.0 fashion, using a real semantic web platform.  
Thanks a lot Ilan... You have done a wonderful job!