Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alea jacta ass...

Just a couple of weeks after returning from New Mexico, I am "on the road" again, this time driving from Massachusetts to Santa Fe with my old donkey of a Subaru Forester which already has 217,000 miles on it.
As the saying goes: "I am throwing the hat over the wall" and committing to a long term collaboration with my friends at the Santa Fe Complex, whether the WPI Santa Fe Project Center takes off or not... although I am sure it will.
I am taking Nick with me for a bonding father-son experience which will see us in St. Louis some time tomorrow and in Denver hopefully by Thursday/Friday so we can hit the Colorado slopes over the weekend as we descend into Santa Fe from the northern rockies.
We'll get our (ass) kicks on Route 66 as we cross the Rubicon this week...  
What does this have to do with Venice?  You'll find out soon... stay tuned!

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