Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Los Alamos Dynamic Duo

The interactive interface for the Venice Boat traffic model simulation table (Simtable) is being developed by a dynamic duo (Skyler and August) from Los Alamos, (in)famous because of "the lab".  Eventually, the table will look like the picture at left, but will react to touch and to "fiducials" placed on it.
We just went through the first design discussion and we are looking forward to the early prototypes that should be coming out soon.  There will be a main simulation fiducial for closing canals and for deciding on "one way" or two way traffic in a specific time period and for a specific boat type.  Each boat type will also get its own fiducial, that users will be able to place upon any canal segment to visualize data related to that boat type on that canal.  Look for some demos in the coming weeks!
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