Saturday, April 18, 2009

The harbinger of alberghi

Anyone who has visited Venice repeatedly over the past decade will have noticed the very visible increase of alberghi across the city. The harbinger of this proliferation was a law that was passed 1999, which liberalized the creation of bed-and-breakfast and other small scale accommodations. Having been asked to contribute our expertise to an upcoming (August) issue of National Geographic magazine, which will contain an article on Venice, we have been able to obtain a very interesting (and precious) dataset of all accommodations in Venice from 1999 to 2008, which was converted to GIS maps by Andrea Mancuso, so that I could include them in my presentation at the Clark. I have susequently extracted and isolated just the hotel sequence in the presentation below.

It's a bit disturbing to see the red specks spread across the city as they do. The overall number of beds doubles in the process...
After the maps, the presentation contains a clickable slide that takes you to our Venipedia site, where you can play with the interactive motion chart which shows, among other things, how the increase in the number of tourists has corresponded to a decrese of % of owner-occupied homes in the historical center.
Take some time to play with the chart. It can show a lot of hidden trends!
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