Saturday, April 11, 2009

Public earth and its endangered pieces

Exactly one year after I blogged about our plans for turning our catalog of almost 5,000 pieces  of Venetian of public art into an active preservation program (PreserVenice), with the support of local Venetian groups, out of the blue we heard from Clara Peranetti of the Veneto Region who thinks she can fund our efforts to make the catalog public and to begin the actual restoration process.  Alberto G.  and Andrea M. have a meeting with her on Thursday.
Meanwhile, thanks to one of those synchronistic astral alignments that Santa Fe seems to serendipitously conjure up like magic, the Complex hosted Rethink Public Art with a panel of distinguished public art experts, including Jack Becker, the editor of Public Art Review magazine, who told us about an ongoing project to map all (US for now) public art, called Public Earth.  I gave Mr. Becker my card and immediately signed up for the beta program and informed Kyle Miller of this new development, since he worked on this topic for his junior year project and he will also be in Venice as of June 10, working on this issue among other things...
Let's see what happens Thursday!
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