Saturday, May 9, 2009

Auto da fe

It seems like only yesterday that Obi, Andrew, Dan, Dave, Chris and Sam arrived in Santa Fe for the first -- soon to be legendary -- WPI Interactive Qualifying Project in the land of enchantment. Yet today, a mere two months later, the last of the pioneering students left to return to Massachusetts where the project report will be wrapped up and delivered to the Dean of Interdisciplinary and Global Studies and then to the Provost for final approval of the proposed WPI Santa Fe Project Center. Good job guys!  You were great ambassadors for WPI.  See you in 20 years for the 20th anniversary!  

I can't even fathom what the technology will allow us then...  Who could have imagined, in 1988 when I started the Venice Project Center, that we would have this rich online presence through the magic of the world wide web, which has made possible this blog, with its tweets and dopplr, plus dspace and venipedia, the online fab merchandise, our picture gallery and our alumning social network and everything else that can be reached from our anniversary website? Creating the Venice center 20 years ago was truly an act of faith...  and here we go again 20 years later, putting our faith in our actions in the "villa real de la Santa Fè".  How appropriate!

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