Friday, May 22, 2009

MDOver and out

The group of Computer Science students who were in Venice this past fall have (mostly) graduated after completing their Major Qualifying Project (MQP) by submitting the final report entitled: "Venice Framework: A Municipal Data Object Framework".

As explained in a prior blog entry, the students demonstrated the potential for this framework by constructing two web applications on top of it, one textual and one graphical, both related to our public art catalog.
The first is a text-based application that allows one to query our public art database on the Venice server and look at each object's metadata. Type a number (1-2000) in the blank box below then click SUBMIT. After a thumbnail picture shows up, click and drag your mouse to highlight the entire section and see the text results (sorry about this inconvenience!).

The graphical application is shown below. Change the search radius with the rightmost slider then click on any icon within the circle. Be ready to click Next when the icon is multi-quadrant.

The next step is to translate all this into a full-fledged platform made up of autonomous urban agents who can take care of their own existential encumbrances and behave accordingly.
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