Sunday, February 10, 2008

$$ Funding Venice 2.0

Today I spent some time putting together a wiki dedicated to the all-important issue of how to fund all of the initiatives we are planning for the Venice 2.0 project. The good news is that we can complete a good number of initiatives with the limited resources we already have. The really good news is that we can complete the majority of the activities with only $100,000 in additional funds. The longer-term funding needs are larger, but we should be able to get some serious funding for the Venice 3.0 programs in due time. We can accomplish a lot with just an additional $500,000. The biggest ticket item is the $6,000,000 needed to establish the Venice 3.0 Foundation and make the Venice Project Center free for all future WPI students, while creating a scholarship for Venetian youth to attend WPI for free. The good news about this project is that it will pay for itself, as long as we can secure a mortage loan for the acquisition of about 6 apartments in Venice (at about $200,000 per bed). The funding wiki is private for now, but you should be able to apply for membership if you are interested.
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