Monday, February 11, 2008

RSS feeds

With so many wikis in the Venice 2.0 dashboard (17 at last count), it has become urgent to put in place a monitoring system to keep track of the changes/additions made by the various participants in the initiatives (25 people thus far). In wikidot, you can put pages under "watch" and you can subscribe to three feeds for each site (changes, threads and posts). Subscribers are typically devoted to a particular "reader" (like Google Reader), so instead of putting dozens of "chicklets" on each page (by editing the nav:side page of each wiki), I decided to just put the three main feeds through feedburner, which offers the subscriber a choice of readers. Still, we have 17 x 3 = 51 feeds to burn and many more coming...
Watch for three symbols to appear on the sidebars of all wikis, and click to subscribe if you want to monitor changes.
While we're on the RSS topic, I recommend you subscribe to this blog right now if you are interested in a digest of the main events happening in the Venice 2.0 initiative from day to day.
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