Friday, February 15, 2008

Gadgets 2.0

One of plans for the 20th Anniversary is to revamp and complete at least some of the "gadgets" that we explored, primarily through Major QualifyingProjects (MQPs), over the years, including:
  1. A Hi-Flo vacuum sewer system (winner of 1997 President's IQP award)
  2. A "turbulence mapper" (MQPs with Prof. Fred Looft)
  3. An ultrasonic boat monitoring device (MQPs with Prof. Peder Pedersen)

To this end, I contacted Alan "Chip" Hassett '74, the WPI alumnus who sponsored the Hi-Flo project, to begin to explore how to proceed on item #1. For the other two items, we are exploring the possibility of enrolling WPI alumni who own or manage companies that produce electronic devices to bring our advanced designs to fruition. These are longer-term goals of the Venice 2.0 initiative, but we need to get an early start anyway...

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