Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sunspots in Venice

We are exploring the use of Sunspots (Sun Small Programmable Object Technology) for our postmodern postmortem project in Venice. These tiny battery-powered, rechargeable gadgets seem ideally suited to prototype and deploy many of our issue-centered urban installations in Venice. Each sunspot comes with a radio-accessible (802.15.4) 32-bit processor board, with zigbee (an RF bluetooth+ protocol) and a 4Mb flash memory. Daughter boards can be plugged into the processor board to add accelerometers, GPS, GSM/GPRS, temperature, and other sensors. Thanks to Bob Breznak and Prof. Pollice, WPI projects can get a 3-piece kit (one base + 2 remote devices) for only $300. Programming is done in Java, with standard development tools. I can't wait to see these in action in Venice!
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