Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PreserVenice, Giovani Veneziani and il Fondaco

One of the long-term goals of the Venice 3.0 initiative is to launch a non-profit organization for the preservation of Venetian public art, under the name PreserVenice. We have done just about all of the work that we could do to get this started. The only piece missing has been our ability to find someone who would take on the challenge of actually launching the non-profit and begin collecting donations and start restoring public art, which - after all- is the whole point of PreserVenice. In the spirit of collaboration that has always marked our work, we have recently reached out to a couple of Venetian organizations that promise to be great partners in this initiative. One is called I Giovani Veneziani and brings together young Venetians who deeply care for their hometown. The other is called Il Fondaco and is really a company that is active in a lot of areas, including restoration.
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