Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dspace up and running

We followed up on Dspace after the Santa Fe meeting with Knowledge Reef. Working quietly behind the scenes, as is his style, Ilan Shomorony -- a Fall 2007 graduate of the Venice Project Center -- installed Dspace on our Venice Server and got it up and running -- no small feat! Now, we are deciding exactly how to organize the reports, datasets, presentations, images, maps and other documents produced by WPI teams and others. We are creating a Venice Open Archive community and plan be the first ones to contribute to it. Meanwhile, Marko at Knowledge Reef has confirmed that they intend to run our Venice Dspace archives through their semantic engine to turn our Venice City Knowledge into a "reef"... Sounds wild! I am hoping that this may be linkable to GeoNames whose Web Services might even come in handy for Ploppit and Plukkit. Could Dspace and its URI's be the key to most of the Venice 2.0 releases? It seems to me that it may even play a key "backend" role with LOUIS and uScript. We shall see...
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