Saturday, July 12, 2008

Santa Ve projects

We are moving forward with the Santa Ve initiative to connect Santa Fe (New Mexico) with Venice (Italy). We are planning on collaborating on 3 projects, 2 in Venice this fall and one in Santa Fe in the spring:
  1. a Venice project entitled “Being Young in Venice”, relating Venetian Youth and Santa Fe youth with the support/collaboration of SFI and the Santa Fe Complex (SFC). See the Postmodern Postmortems (access is restricted).
  2. a Venice project on “Moving Around Venice” utilizing advanced autonomous agent models and visualizations to model the flow of boats and pedestrians through the city, using interactive tables as the vehicles for simulations;
  3. a WPI bootstrap project in Santa Fe in term D (March 16-May 5 2009) focusing on art and technology as vehicles for Native American youths to address issues that affect them, especially in relation to community services provided by local government
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