Friday, October 10, 2008

Alpha mail

Today I have sent out emails to all B07 alumni and to a selected group of prior alumns and WPI faculty to invite them to look at our web offerings and to comment on them.
Here is the text of this alpha release message:
As soon as our router in Venice is fixed and our Venice 2.0 sites get back up to normal speed (they’re slow now), I will be sending out a mass mailing to all our past Venice alumni, to announce our 20th Anniversary initiatives.  I will point them to: 

Our main Venice 2.0 web site
The anniversary blog
The VPC social network site (ning)
Our Venipedia wiki
Our Photo Gallery
The Project Repository (Dspace)

Since you are part of an “inner circle” of WPI students and faculty connected with the VPC, I am writing to you to see if you could preview what we have up so far and give us some feedback on this alpha release, by sending emails to me and to the “team” who is helping me put this together, at and  If you are more ambitious and want to spare us some time, you can also enter your comments/reports in our BUGS/SUGGESTIONS WIKI at, which is off our Dashboard (reachable by clicking DASH on the Venice 2.0 main menu) at

There are many other interesting links on the main menu off the Venice 2.0 site, such as the Fabs link at: that you may want to explore as well.  Click around on all links in the blog as well, if you have time.  Any feedback you can give us before the BETA is released next week would be greatly appreciated.

 We are leaving for Venice next weekend!

 Thanks a lot


If you are reading this blog entry, I would invite you too to give us some feedback before we go ahead with the BETA release next week.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.