Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I just finished Crowdsourcing, the newest in a series of 2.0 books almost but not entirely unlike Wikinomics, The Long Tail, Critical Mass , Black Swan, and many others I have read in the past year or so... The concepts of crowdsourcing and crowdcasting are central to the inner workings of the 2.0 economy where the former consumers become producers, creating the new race of prosumers, who take over the entire product chain from invention, to design, to financing, testing, marketing and sales. As a careful reader of this blog will have surely noticed by now, I have stumbled upon my own form of crowdsourcing, which I have dubbed kylesourcing. During a skype call in which we were discussing our energence project, Steve Guerin quickly charted the relative contributions of Kyle Miller and myself to the overall Venice 2.0 effort as follows:The chart was created using the google charts apis which we will be using a lot in Venice this fall. My only observation is that probably my slice is a bit overestimated. My goal is to eventually make my share dwindle to 0% , so I can just sit back and watch the entire Venice 2.0 evolve into Venice 3.0 without me, as indeed is my goal.
Thank you Kyle!

I wish we had dozens of you around...