Friday, July 25, 2008

En-gauging the UK

An important part of the trip to the UK was a meeting that Adrian and I had at Potters Bar at the home of Thomas Larsson of Better Planet, with the participation of Nigel Bennett of Metropolis Planning and Design. Despite being exactly one hour late due to a soviet era wristwatch malfunction, the meeting went well. It was decided that Metropolis Green will fund the initial development of a web-based energy monitoring and reporting system, to support the implementation of Merton-rule regulations throughout the UK and in general to measure the real progress towards ambitious national and municipal carbon dioxide emission reduction targets. Once installed, a network of energy gauges will provide a constant stream of City Knowledge regarding spatially distributed energy production and consumption. We should be able to implement some of the basic web services thanks to this funding. After my experience with managing software development this summer, I hope that Steve Guerin of Redfish will be able to coordinate the programming effort for this project.
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