Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Venetians in peril

It was good to meet with Thierry Morel today, right before we trade places and Nick and I go to Oxford, where he normally lives. He and Jane Da Mosto are making steady progress in their quest to document the socio-economic issues confronting Venice in order to publish a book supported by Venice in Peril in the same vein (but with a different focus) as the prior Cambridge University Press book on the Science of Saving Venice, to which I contributed a chapter.
Since we also plan to release socio-economic data as part of our anniversary, using gapminder-like dynamic graphics, or other gadgetized infoporn of the petabyte age, it would seem to make sense for us to collaborate on this, wouldn't it?
We agreed that it might make sense, as a next step, to write a letter to chairwoman Anna Somers Cocks to propose a collaboration for the creation of online tools for the visualization of complex socio-economic data, with the assistance of Redfish in Santa Fe. I'll send out the letter in mid-August. It would be a great complement to all our other activities this year.
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