Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence day: Iteration #1

As announced in the previous blog entry about agile programming, we completed iteration #1 today. The WPI interns have developed a web beta version of our public art application, minus the maps. They also refactored the database models to better suit the system (see Galia's powerpoint below).

Rado has prepared some sample XML files representing outputs of our API calls and has developed a proof-of-concept application that takes that XML and dynamically displays it. Meanwhile, Bill has wrestled Dspace into submission and is now exploring how to get stuff in and out of it using the Lightweight Network Interface (LNI).
Finally, together we discussed allowing different departments to develop independent applications and publish their own datasets autonomously. I think we have a simple scheme based on the Birth Certificate concept with an application registry that may just be the solution that "our founding fathers" (as well as Occam) would appreciate. Happy Independence Day!
(Iteration #2 will be a week from today on July 11.)
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