Sunday, July 6, 2008


Adrian's all-too-short visit to Venice was very fruitful. It seems that the sequence of IQPs that Adrian supervised for the London Borough of Merton have created quite a stir and a number of government agencies (Dept of Food, Environment & Rural Affairs, Dept of Communities & Local Gov, Dept of Business, Enterprise and Regulation, Gov Office for London) as well as several boroughs from the SouthEast of London (Merton, Croydon, Islington, Southwick) have expressed interest in seeing a "Merton Rule" monitoring sytem in place to measure the actual carbon emission reduction achieved with a variety of government policies, incentives and interventions. We need to develop a system that will allow the farming of renewable energy installation data and relate it to actual consumption in the same building, to determine to what degree the self-imposed CO2 reduction targets are being met. As we did in Venice with Forma Urbis, once again a professional follow-up to WPI projects is clamored for by our sponsors. I think WPI would be wise to institutionalize a system for spawning follow-up consulting companies at each of our global centers. It's a need that someone else -- with worse credentials and expertise -- will be called upon to fill out if we don't.
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