Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unearthing Venice's Genealogy (B09)

This is the first posting for the new WPI undergraduate projects (IQPs) that will take place at the Venice Project Center in term B09 (October 25-December 19, 2009). Six more postings will follow to explain the remaining research projects that will take place in Venice this fall.
This first project will follow up on last year's "Origins of Venice" IQP, which was tasked to explore the origins of the city and its inhabitants, using archeology, genetics and ancient manuscripts.
This year's project will take the matter a bit further, by:
  1. Designing an "archaeological web-app" that will allow the gradual accumulation of reusable Archaeological Data, which could be "modeled" and visualized by exploiting the potential of the Santa Fe sandtable for the interactive exploration of "archaeological" risk.
  2. Continuing the collection of DNA samples in the context of the Genographic Project and developing a grant proposal for the full-fledged examination of the "origins of Venetians".
  3. Promoting the development of uScript and continuing to detail its scope, functionalities and diffusion mechanisms.
As expected, this line of research will continue over multiple years and will yield important information in due time. It is part of the Venice 3.0 project...
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