Monday, August 24, 2009

Venice 4.0 (B09)

This project will distill the most salient results from 20 years of VPC data, and will also harvest additional available Venice data, to create exciting, interactive online infographics that will encapsulate the main trends in the city. The data will support decision-making and policy proposals by the 40xVenezia.
One of the goals of this project is to "beef up" the accomplishments section of our Venice 2.0 website (under "Best of..."), but an equally important goal will be to create graphics that are easy to update sustainably in the years to come, once more up-to-date or more accurate data becomes available.
We expect the team to really learn from the most advanced graphical tools out there, by emulating the best examples of information design that are available on line and in press.
The team will coordinate with the "Venice 4.0" team of the 40xVenezia to set priorities that are aligned with the most urgent issues on the table.

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Kyle Miller said...

Add something about making the graphics easily updatable in the future (i.e., it's easy to make a nice map or something, but to have it be interactive and modifiable is where the real challenge lies). Obviously the project will involve more than just making graphics - given that this project will require interaction with the 40xVenezia, it should be designed to attract capable students who will not let the VPC down as they interact with the 40x in the context of potentially important presentations and decisions.